I’m in THE NEW YORK TIMES! (With Lee Child, Ruth Ware, and Karin Slaughter, among other esteemed crime writers.)

A few months ago I was asked to write a few sentences about the most memorable murder I ever wrote, and I chose one from my debut novel The Lost Ones (UK: Eyes Like Mine). You can read it here.

It’s behind a paywall, so if you can’t open it, my entry was inspired by the time I was a stunt double for a Canadian TV show called The Listener.

(Did you know I was a stunt double for Canadian television a while back? Oh, the jobs I’ve had!)

The scene called for a fight on a boat and then I had to plunge into a freezing cold Canadian lake in the middle of winter. I had to wear TWO dry suits under my wardrobe and production kept pouring hot water down the inside one so I wouldn’t go into shock as I kept hitting the freezing water. Fun times!